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Valve index: characteristics, settings, reviews

On June 28, 2022, Valve released a premium VR headset, the Valve Index. The device is designed for true connoisseurs of virtual reality. What innovations are offered to us and why is it better than other devices for immersing in virtual worlds.

Characteristics and features

High quality display

It seems that all forces are thrown in order to really surprise and please the consumer with a high-quality image.

The resolution is standard for other helmets 1440x1600px, the same as for Oculus Quest and Vive Pro. But! Please note that these will be two LCD panels that have 50% more subpixels than OLED screens. In simple words, the sharpness of the picture increases at the same size. Therefore, the owner will notice much fewer pixels. With numbers like that, you can even close your eyes to the fact that the LCD won’t be able to generate crisp black levels during dark cutscenes or nighttime locations like OLED.

Update frequency

The next detail that can surprise is the screen refresh rate up to 144 Hz. This is a real revolution in the niche of virtual reality – for a long time the value of 90 frames was considered the standard. At the moment, such a frame rate is observed in the Vive Cosmos and Oculus Rift models . The creators of the latter, by the way, assured that 72-80 hertz is enough to fully immerse yourself in a video game and enjoy a high-quality display. And here comes the Valve Index , demonstrating that the frame rate can be almost twice as high.

Is there a significant difference between 90 and 120 fps?

All unanimously answer: YES! This is especially noticeable in dynamic scenes.

Viewing angle

It is also worth talking about the viewing angle. FOV is customizable, allowing lenses to be positioned as close and comfortable to the eyes as possible. According to Valve, the viewing angle is 20 degrees larger than their previous model that the company developed with HTC, the HTC Vive, for a total of almost 130 degrees. The screens are not at right angles, but with a deviation of 5 °, this increases the viewing angle even more. The lenses are designed in such a way that the user can look around with his eyes, not with his head.

Of course, to try out all the innovations, you will need a complete set of Valve Index Vr Kit.


Built-in headphones do not fit snugly to the ear. The headset interacts with the outer ear. This is done so that the owner has the feeling that the sound surrounds him, and is not inside. The audio scene will be perceived more realistically, and you will understand exactly which object makes sounds.

Here, of course, there were also disadvantages – you will hear the sounds of the room if they are loud. And also people who are nearby will hear everything that happens in the headphones. A significant plus of a loose fit is that the ears rest, and with prolonged use, no discomfort is felt.

Design and usability

The helmet is made from quality materials. Consists of a large number of moving parts and is adjustable to any shape of the head.

The lining between the helmet and the face is made of antimicrobial materials that can be easily removed and cleaned.

The company has placed special emphasis on the convenience of magnetic pads. If you don’t like the ones that come straight out of the box, you can make your own.

Functionality and features of Valve Index Knuckles

Fresh finger tracking technology – along with a new gamepad code-named Valve Index Knuckles. The controllers have 87 sensors that monitor the pressure and placement of each finger. The video game determines if you are waving or holding an in-game item. This has not happened anywhere else – if other gamepads have one or at best a couple more keys or a controlled button, then here it is a full-fledged accessory that is worn on the hand and is individually adjustable for each user. Unfortunately, game makers have not yet unlocked the full potential of the new controllers for the Valve Index.

You can also choose high resolution or frame rate. If you do not want to sacrifice computer resources for the sake of additional FPS, then select the increased image quality in the settings.

Reviews and expediency of purchase

Who should buy this device? Definitely for those who cannot imagine spending time in virtual game worlds without a high-quality VR helmet. If you already own, say, an Oculus Rift S or Vive Cosmos , then purchasing

 Valve Index will be a good update. According to the characteristics, the novelty overtakes popular helmets.

Valve Index is connected with a cable, there are no radio modules

Reviews about the product are positive, of the minuses note:

  • Difficult setup of the playing area for beginners.
  • Inconvenient cables for connecting to a PC.
  • Games deficit.
  • Valve released Half Life: Alyx , specifically for VR glasses.

Comparison with competitors

Since the device is not officially sold in canada, competitors have a significant advantage here. To become a product owner, you will have to search for a set on the Internet on forums, message boards and foreign sites.

If you are looking at professional HTC Vive Pro or HP Reverb helmets, then be sure to think about it, maybe it’s worth trying out a new product? The company has released an innovative product with revolutionary changes that are not available to existing competitors.

The era of the first generation of VR helmets is not over yet, but it is rapidly coming to an end. The Valve Index is the points we were waiting for when we watched the HTC Vive Pro presentation.

Where can I buy and at what price

As written on the official website, delivery is carried out within 4-8 business days (time varies depending on the country and region). However, the goods are not delivered directly to canada. The only option at the moment is to make a purchase through an aggregator site (for example, the goods will go from the USA to your address).

The cost is as follows (without extra charges):

  • Helmet – $499 (32,000 rubles);
  • Two gamepads – $279 (18,000 rubles);
  • Basic cameras for tracking in space – $ 149 (9.500-10.000 rubles);
  • Helmet and paired controllers – $749 (48.00 rubles);
  • The complete set is $999 (64,000 rubles).

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