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TOP 16 best VR games for virtual reality glasses for iPhone

Good day, lovers of virtual reality. In our articles, we talked a lot about helmets and VR glasses, about programs that connect and configure, about the advantages and disadvantages of game controllers. It’s time to talk about gaming applications. Especially for our readers, we have selected the best games for virtual reality glasses for iPhone.

Top VR games for iPhone by genre

The collection of games available for iPhone is constantly growing. You can find and download all the toys below in the AppStore. For greater convenience, we have divided the best gaming applications into genres.

Best Arcade

The game InCell 2 VR is at the intersection of genres. It has a lot from the arcade, but there are elements of strategy, and the dizzying pace of the gameplay does not hurt to learn interesting information about the internal structure of the human body.

The main goal of the game is to defeat the virus that captures healthy cells. InCell 2 VR can be played without a gamepad.

The best arkanoid

For VR helmets and goggles, there are not as many arkanoid games as fans of the genre would like. The thing is that for this type of game, characters are fast and abrupt movements, which are inconvenient and, in some cases, uncomfortable to make in VR glasses.

The VR Labyrinth game can be considered a classic Arkanoid, although not the fastest. The player needs to guide the ball through the intricate corridors of the labyrinth.

The ball is controlled by tilting and turning the head. The game is multi-level, with gradually increasing difficulty of passing. Labyrinths are not repeated – a unique map with bonuses is generated for each level.

Best Attraction

Virtual Kaiju 3D is a very interesting game in which you control Godzilla. A huge reptile ended up in the center of the metropolis, which is the main task of the player to destroy it to the ground. The uncomplicated plot is fully compensated by the good, as for mobile VR games, graphics and special effects. We also liked the musical accompaniment. The attraction of “destruction” received quite high ratings from the players.

Best Puzzle

This is not to say that many puzzles are available for VR glasses, but there are certain advances in this genre. Perfect Angle Zen edition VR game offers the player to find logical solutions in a confusing and full of optical illusions virtual world.

Let’s give a little hint – the main thing is to find the right viewing angle, after which the puzzles add up much faster. The controller is not needed for control, the game reacts to the movements of the user’s head.

By the way, if virtual reality gets boring, you can play Perfect Angle Zen edition VR in normal mode.

The best game for kids

Strictly speaking, VR entertainment is not the best choice for a child due to possible bouts of dizziness and nausea. But if the game is played under the supervision of an adult, a few minutes spent in the virtual world will not bring harm.

The main character of InMind 2 is a teenager named John. In the story, we find ourselves inside his brain, helping John experience various events, causing emotions and helping to shape him as a person. The game features bright graphics and invariably happy endings. You just need to remember that your every action has an impact on the main character.

InMind 2 runs on iOS devices starting with iPhone 6. There is also a version for Android smartphones and even for PC.

Best Educational Game

Fixies VR: Chudakov’s Secret is another game for children, which, however, will also appeal to adults. On numerous levels, the player will have to find hidden objects.

There is a hint system, so the young player will not have to puzzle over the next task for a long time. The measured search process is diversified by small mini-games that separate the main levels.

The normal game mode is supported, that is, it is not necessary to wear VR glasses. However, in virtual reality, the characters of the animated series Fixies look very convincing.

Best Adventure

The first part of InCell VR is not as fast as the second, but it allows you to study the human body in more detail, traveling between cells and saving them from the destructive effects of the virus. No joystick or remote control required.

Best Runner

Before the mass appearance of VR glasses, there were not very many runners on smartphones – users were simply tired of endless running in different locations and with different characters. It seemed that this genre was gradually disappearing from the scene, but new life was breathed into it by virtual reality devices. With VR glasses, runners become even more fun.

One of the best representatives of the genre is Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue. The gameplay is standard – you need to run, dodging obstacles and collecting bonuses on the go. You can control the character using head tilts, but work with the controller is supported.

Best RPG

Not many RPG games were created for VR devices, which, in general, is logical. This is almost the only genre in which graphics and special effects are not as important as a thoughtful and interesting world. In VR Fantasy you have to descend into the ancient catacombs, complete many quests, defeat monsters and defeat the dragon in the final battle. A wide arsenal of weapons is available to fight enemies, ranging from an ordinary ax to a magic staff with fireballs.

The best simulator

Perhaps in the future, simulations will increasingly be created for augmented reality devices, but there is still much to do in the world of VR.

The Fractal Combat X flight simulator is considered one of the best of its kind. You have to take control of a military aircraft and embark on dangerous missions. In addition to fighting in the air, ground fortifications will also become your targets.

The game features high-quality graphics and a wide selection of aircraft. Many levels with additional tasks are available.

Best Sports Game

Sports apps with support for VR glasses are also not rare. In the first place is the football simulator Final Kick VR. The goal of the game is to deceive the goalkeeper and score a goal. Easy to pass levels are gradually replaced by difficult ones, more and more obstacles arise in front of the player, so not many will be able to get to the final level.

Best Strategy

Divinity Defense VR is a classic defend your castle game. It is necessary to build fortifications and quickly repair them in order to prevent the enemy from getting into the fortress. The towers that shoot fireballs look especially impressive.

Control via controller (eg Vico VR) is supported.

Best Horror

Horror games look really creepy in computer helmets, but it’s scary to play horror games on smartphones. However, if you want to tickle your nerves, we recommend that you try defeating zombies in Zombie Shooter VR.

Once in a dark dungeon and practically without weapons, the main character will have to make his way through ominous corridors filled with creepy zombies. In the course of passing the monsters will become stronger, and the list of weapons will be replenished with assault rifles and pistols.

Zombie Shooter VR offers quality, as for mobile games, graphics and even some freedom of choice. The actions of the protagonist will influence the development of the plot.

Best shooter

A well-made FastHit VR shooter will take you through 45 levels filled with enemies. Get ready, there will be a lot of shooting. Although the game does not provide team play, it does have a Game Center where you can find ratings from other users. By the way, you don’t need a gamepad to shoot.

Best tour

In the Best Tour category, we decided to give first place to Moon Virtual Reality, an app dedicated to the moon. Wearing VR goggles, you will instantly be transported to the lunar surface and will be able to wander through the craters, look at the Earth and at the ISS. Joystick control is not only supported but recommended.

Best Action

Adventures in outer space are dedicated to the action game Vanguard V. The player starts from the orbit of the Earth, gradually moving further and further away from his native Solar System. Being dressed in a protective suit, the main character (or heroine) will have to visit the farthest corners of the universe.

Vanguard V has received many accolades, this game was specially developed for VR devices and, perhaps, it can be recommended to anyone who is interested in VR entertainment. In addition to impressive graphics, the application is also distinguished by high-quality musical accompaniment. One of the best games for iOS devices so don’t miss it.


Even from our small rating it is clear that there are more than enough VR applications for iOS devices. Some games support the normal mode, while others were created specifically for virtual reality glasses. In any case, there is something to play even in such genres as RPG and strategy.

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