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TOP 12 Best Rollercoaster VR Games on PC, PS4, iPhone and Android

Rollercoaster VR simulation is a realistic replacement for the famous ride. They seem to take the user into a virtual world of adventure, where there is no need to waste time and effort to tickle your nerves. Simply download the functionality, and you can enjoy an explosion of emotions and adrenaline.

Top 3 PC Games

Darkness Roller coaster is a very successful combination of horror and dizzying flight. The graphics made in 3D animation format will not leave you indifferent. First, you will be offered minimal intimidating objects. As you progress through the levels, the number of monsters on the way will increase.

Rift Coaster (Castle Coaster) is another VR roller coaster simulator. This time you will be able to take a look at the landscape of the ancient castle. Plus, you can turn your head 360 degrees. Mesmerizing VR rollercoaster graphics, thought out to the smallest detail.

Crazy Swing is a classic roller coaster simulation using VR glasses. It is perfect for lovers of urban landscapes. You will be offered to soar to the tops of skyscrapers and fall down again at breakneck speed.

On the official services, you can download most of the games for free.

Top 3 ps4 games

Roller Coaster EGYPT is an exciting journey through Egypt among the pyramids and ancient mummies on a VR rollercoaster. It is built in the form of an adventure, each next level will open up new landscapes. If you go further, you can see the decoration of the ancient tombs of the pharaohs. To appreciate the full potential of animation, you can first watch the video that precedes the start of the game.

Roller Coaster Legends is an emulator for lovers of ancient mythology. This time the plot is based on ancient Greek motifs. You will be completely immersed in this world: the Temple of Poseidon, the River Styx, Tartarus and the Palace of Hades. And all this will take place in the mode of an exciting flight on a roller coaster.

Roller Coaster Dreams is an amazing and realistic emulator. If you’ve never ridden a roller coaster, then this one is for you. All locations are based on real amusement parks.

The best download resource is the official website www.playstation.com .

Top 3 iPhone Games

Simulate extreme roller coaster . This VR roller coaster simulator will help you fulfill your old dream – ride an extreme ride. Here you will gain impressions and be able to try the craziest tracks that will become more difficult as you progress.

iRoller coaster . In this realistic simulator, you will not only be able to ride rollercoasters surrounded by picturesque landscapes collected from all over the world, but also create your own track. This opens up the possibility of a creative approach, where the user boldly embodies their dreams and comes up with a unique description of the locations.

Haunted 3D Rollercoaster Rush – made in the classic horror genre. Description of locations and characters can be reduced to one topic – Halloween. Here you will find creepy castles with pumpkins placed in them, and scary witches ready to tear you apart, and ghosts, the sight of which freezes the blood in your veins.

It is better to download all VR games and applications for iPhones on the official website of the manufacturer in the App Store. All programs here are tested and will not harm your gadget.

Top 3 Android Games

VR Water Park Ride Pack is an excellent VR roller coaster simulator, a leader in user ratings. You will be surrounded by colorful tropical fish, corals and all the diversity of the underwater world. As you progress through the game, new missions will open.

GALAXY360 : VR Roller coaster in deep space is a unique simulator for all those who like to combine science fiction and VR-box for a smartphone. You can visit abandoned space stations and intergalactic ships created by other intelligent civilizations, appreciate the pristine beauty of deep space.

VR Roller Coaster Sunset is another version of the famous attraction, which has a full 360° view. Only as a surrounding landscape is a sultry tropical island, where there is all the relevant paraphernalia – an endless blue sky, a shimmering ocean, tall palm trees and golden beaches.

You can find all the games for the Android operating system on Google Play.

Virtual reality simulators are an amazing world. You can visit it without getting up from the couch. And various games based on one of the most dangerous and exciting attractions are another confirmation of this.

Each gamer can find the version of the roller coaster that is closer to him. Only the setting and paraphernalia change: spaceships, medieval castles, cemeteries with the resurrected dead, ancient Greek temples or the tombs of the pharaohs.


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