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Should you buy HTC Vive Pro in 2022?

The Korean company HTC has presented the world with an updated model of its virtual reality helmet – HTC Vive Pro or it is also called Viva Pro version 2.0. There is also a modification of VIVE Pro Eye, it can track the direction of view for fine-tuning the image, but game projects do not use this technology, so it makes no sense to take the eye-tracking version for home.

Vive pro helmet has high image quality, immersing the player in the virtual world even deeper.

Benefits at a glance

The main advantages of HTC Vive Pro, unlike the previous model HTC Vive :

  • High quality picture;
  • The presence of a dual front camera;
  • Wireless operation;
  • Built-in headphones and microphone;
  • SteamVR Tracking 2.0 tracking system.

With the release of the new model, the price of the previous headset was reduced and the supply of old devices stopped.

Overview of the virtual reality helmet

The new version of the helmet is a fully equipped system for immersive virtual reality. HTC Vive Pro supports audio recording and playback, clearly reproduces the image, and has other features:

  • Advanced front camera – maximizes the image, making it three-dimensional, while allowing you to accurately track the location of a person;
  • Modern design – blue is used as the main color, thanks to which the device looks elegant, stylish and expensive;
  • Face pad in a new format (does not let daylight into the eyes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game without being distracted by anything) – it is made of high-quality synthetic materials, has the shape of a petal, and therefore suits people with different types of faces;
  • Improved SteamVR Tracking 2.0 – more accurate tracking, which makes movements smooth, without sharp jerks;
  • Adjustable 3D sound. You can adjust the position of the headphones.

Note! The updated version of the helmet is heavier. Added wireless headphones and a lithium-ion battery when using the radio module.

The most expensive HTC Vive Pro Eye full kit

VR headset with wireless headphones, face pads and lens cleaning wipes

  • 2 blue 2018 controllers – needed to interact with virtual reality objects
  • Communication module + power adapter
  • SteamVR 2.0 Base Stations – 2 pieces + two power adapters and brackets
  • USB 3.0 sync cable
  • Mounting kit (contains the tools necessary for arranging a playroom or a separate part of the room).

The wireless adapter is not included in any of the kits and is sold separately!

There is an instruction manual and a warranty card, a more accurate number of cables included in the kit can be found in the instructions, but this is important only when buying a device in the secondary market. If you buy a kit in a store, it will contain everything you need to assemble the environment and connect the helmet, as it is sold in a sealed package.


  • Two AMOLED screens. Each is 3.5″ diagonal. Permission to the eye – 1440 by 1600 pixels;
  • Viewing Angle: 110-120 degrees at standard 90Hz refresh rate;
  • Sound: 3D-enabled wireless headphones;
  • Microphone: yes;
  • Built-in sensors: location detection, proximity and body orientation sensor, lens adjustment sensor depending on the location of the pupils of the player available only in the VIVE Pro Eye version
  • The controllers have a built-in battery and a Micro-USB charging socket. Multi-functional trackpad, grip buttons, double-throw trigger buttons, system button, menu button.

Our opinion

The HTC Vive Pro helmet is a device that allows you to be transported to the worlds of virtual reality with a clear picture and sound. This brings new colors and original ideas to the usual everyday life, so gamers are never bored.

The updated version of the device guarantees a snug fit of the helmet to the head. The gadget does not fall off and does not move in case of sudden movements. Built-in headphones with super-realistic sound are controlled by a wheel on the side panel, which is always at hand. At the same time, in the updated version, the resolution has improved by almost 40%, and the pixels have increased by 80%, which creates ideal conditions for even the most fastidious gamer.

Due to the high cost, in most cases it is used for application development and gaming clubs. Buying such a device for the home is expensive for most users.

PS There are two competitors: Samsung Odyssey Plus is a Windows Mixed Reality headset with the same screen characteristics, but much cheaper. And the second version of the Valve Index – for the same price, the device has the advantage of new controllers and displays that are superior in pixel density and give a clearer picture. Another option is to consider Oculus Quest , but it has a screen refresh rate of only 72 hertz, but it is autonomous.

PPS There is something to supplement the material or corrections, write in the comments.

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