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Review on Batman Arkham VR: is it worth taking + feedback from the players

Good day to all fans of action and Batman! We invite you to immerse yourself in the virtual reality of the Dark Knight – the Batman Arkham VR game will open up the endless possibilities of the everyday life of a superhero. Solve a mysterious new Arkham case by looking at Gotham through the eyes of the world’s most famous detective! Look like Batman. Think. Unravel all mysteries and prevent conspiracies.

Introduction to the topic

This is a new addition to the beloved Batman game. A story about a famous character, where the player has the opportunity to walk around famous locations (Wayne’s estate, the Cave), and by experimenting to find out how and where the character’s detective skills can be applied.

Game Review

Developed by Tm warner bros interactive entertainment created for PlayStation4 using a virtual reality device. The Dark Knight is the sleuth of the century, and his friends are in danger. And this danger must be prevented at any cost, using legendary devices. This is not a story about just shooting, here you need to think.

The game itself is very atmospheric, and even more immersive. The action takes place in the first person. It is worth remembering that the system is not designed for children who are under 12 years old.

Main characters

Actions are performed in the first person – the gamer himself. His abilities, as always, are huge: mind, logic, preparation at the level. Batman’s loyal assistants: Robin, butler Alfred and Nightwing. On the “bad” side are the Joker, the new criminal Penguin and the killer Croc.

A bonus for the player is the opportunity to see the parents of their character and Joe Chill – their killer. A striking character is journalist Vicki Vale.



Beware – spoilers.

The description of the plot will be familiar to many – a continuation of the legendary comics, but now for virtual reality. Bruce Wayne wakes up in a cold sweat: his dead parents come back to him in a dream. Bad news comes from Alfred – Nightwing and Robin disappear without a trace, without getting in touch. This mystery is the key point of the storyline – it must be solved.

A new fact is revealed: Nightwing is dead, he died as a result of a strong explosion. Penguin, the perpetrator, states that one witness is also dead. Bruce goes to the morgue, examines the bodies – before him there is even more intricate puzzles leading to the trace of the culprit of the crime. A friend of Robin appears – he insists that he does not know where he is, he is being held by the unknown by force.

The Joker, an old acquaintance of Batman, appears on the horizon. He tries to control the emotions and feelings of the hero, who rescued Robin, but ended up in the den of criminals himself. The finish line of the game is ominous: a cramped elevator descending into Arkham, walls covered in blood, and imprisoned characters that appear next to Wayne.

The plot is twisted as if the Dark Knight himself kills an ally, undermines a witness, hides Robin. This is due to an unbalanced state and a shaky psyche with disorders.

Instead of his reflection, the hero sees the face of the Joker. The idea of ​​the creators was a success – the passage causes a lot of emotions! The ending is unpredictable – the whole game takes place in a dream.


On the official website of the developer, you can watch videos and screenshots of the gameplay. The hero is controlled with a headset and virtual reality controllers. Bright graphics and unrealistically cool voice acting will not leave anyone indifferent.

Particular attention is paid to details, small elements. Batman has weapons and gadgets on his belt that can be used. This includes a Batmobile and a superhero costume. The VR helmet is not easy to handle with a large arsenal.

Release date and platforms

The game saw the world in October 2016. The PC version was released on April 25, 2017. Platforms: Sony, PC, MAC, PLAYSTATION 4.

Minimum and recommended system requirements

Minimum developer requirements:

  • operating system Windows 7, 8, 1 and 10;
  • at least 10 GB of free space;
  • the presence of a video card (RX 480, NVIDIA GeForce);
  • 64-bit processor;
  • 11 version of DirectX.

Recommended: 64-bit processor and OS.

What devices is compatible with (helmets, controllers)

The owners of helmets were lucky to rate the game: HTC “Vive”, “Oculus Rift”, “Touch”. Also, the Dual Shock 4 gamepads and the Xbox One controller.

How to install and run

Before installation, check the free disk space – it must be at least 2 GB. The game is downloaded from the official site (you can use a torrent file), unpacked on a computer. After the purchase, the player is sent a license key. You will need the latest drivers for the video card – there are a lot of errors in beta versions.

An important point: during installation to a folder, you cannot use Cyrillic in the names of directories – only Latin characters and numbers.

Remember: a good connection to the local network is important for a quick and high-quality installation.


Users came to the conclusion: you can enjoy the gloomy atmosphere of the city only in a virtual reality helmet. Controllers help to roam the streets, control the hero and his devices. Voice acting, graphics, design – all at a high level. Quests, puzzles, riddles – all this will make an hour of the game incredibly exciting.

Similar games

Fans of such entertainment will definitely like such toys: “The Persistence”, “Bravo Team”, “Moss”.


Cool interactive adventure in Gotham City through the eyes of a superhero, with the use of cool abilities and bright graphics – a worthy action project about heroes saving the world.

Game score

Those who have appreciated the new version of world history in a virtual reality helmet before others have something to say! According to reviews, comic book fans were thrilled to be able to get into Batman’s body and play with the batarang between their fingers. Here you are the coolest guy in the whole city and you have all the cards in your hands!

How much, where to buy

The total duration of the story is 1 hour, so the price is appropriate. Finding a free full version is not easy, the cost of the game is available to everyone – 1300 rubles.

If you managed to learn something new, share it with your friends on social networks and subscribe to our articles. We wish everyone a pleasant game!

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