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Overview of the Mini and Walk gaming platforms from KAT VR: what are

The virtual reality industry is constantly evolving, offering users new opportunities. KAT VR is not just a device for immersing in cyberspace, but a unique tool that allows you to remove the lines between real and virtual. In this article, we will look at the features of KAT and its scope.

Standard VR glasses and a helmet make it possible to only partially immerse yourself in the virtual space. In them, the player can control only the visual part of the character: move his head, look around, adjust the proximity to the object.

For movement, game manipulators (joysticks) are used, but they must be held in hands. Therefore, for many years, developers have been trying to create a device that will take virtual immersion to a new level.

What is this device and why is it needed

KAT is a popular virtual reality active movement platform. With its help, there is a complete merger with the selected character – each of his actions exactly repeats the movements of the player. This feature is used in:

  • Workouts. Let’s take a treadmill, let the user have unlimited movement (running, walking, jumping), transfer it to an amazing space – we get the KAT platform. Playing sports has never been so fantastic.
  • Learning. The government of many countries began to massively purchase virtual traffic platforms for their services: the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the police, the army, and special forces. With their help, the actions of people in extreme situations are practiced.
  • Entertainment. 3D walk through museums, galleries, streets of famous cities – what could be more interesting?
  • Games for VR. The gaming industry, as the progenitor of virtual reality, began developing games for KAT immediately after its announcement. There are currently over 300 active platform compatible games available.

Principle of operation

The KATVR is a low friction treadmill that provides synchronous running. For this, special shoes with a sliding surface and thousands of sensors on the curved surface of the platform are used. As you step, your foot slides over sensors that capture its position relative to the device, relaying that information to the VR app.

For other actions: jumps, rolls, squats, mounts and suspension systems are used. Let’s see how this happens:

  1. Shoes and bindings are put on a person, after which he jumps.
  2. Sensors on the surface receive information that at the moment the feet are not touching the ground.
  3. The gimbal registers a decrease in tension.
  4. Based on this information in the application, the character repeats the jump.

Any data is read and transmitted in hundredths of a second, imperceptible to the human senses. Therefore, all actions look not only identical, but perfectly synchronous.

Features of the virtual platform

The main feature of this platform is its variability. The manufacturer offers customers 4 different tracks:

  • Walk;
  • Junior;
  • Premium;
  • Mini.

“Premium” and “Junior” models are quite specific, so in the article we focused on the “Wolf” and “Mini”.



  • The weight of the structure is 190 kg. In Premium – 240 kg.;
  • Height – 280 cm;
  • Working surface area – 2.05 square meters;
  • Age limit – from 8 to 60 years;
  • Permissible user weight – up to 110 kilograms;
  • Suitable for people with a height of 150 to 200 cm;
  • Connects to USB 2.0 and USB 3.0


  • Weight – 90 kg;
  • Height – 250 cm;
  • Area – 1.75 square meters;
  • The maximum weight of a player is 130 kg;

Permissible height – from 145 to 195 cm.
The main difference between these models is in size and weight. Mini is better for installation in small rooms, in other cases we recommend Walk.


The standard kit includes:

  • Gaming platform;
  • A set of sensors;
  • Virtual reality helmet;
  • Basic and additional sets of cables and fasteners.

But if we talk about creating a virtual attraction using KATVR, then you need a full-fledged business kit:

  • Powerful server;
  • KAT platform;
  • Sensory shoes and VR helmet;
  • Exclusive content available only to KAT users

Advantages and disadvantages

Most of all, such equipment is suitable for those who want to create their own VR attraction. The company’s franchise allows you to earn and develop productively in the entertainment industry.

Upon registration, you immediately receive everything you need for a quick start: specialized equipment, management software, a set of exclusive content, recommendations and advice, staff training.


  • The concave platform reduces the load on the legs, increasing the player’s stamina. The ergonomics of the platform allows you to move in all directions at any speed;
  • The movements of the head and the rest of the body are individual, which makes it possible to move and look at different places at the same time;
  • Fasteners provide maximum security and free 360-degree movement;
  • Orientation to business and simplification of partnership.


virtual reality attractions have become a new trend that has won great support from people. Given the speed of development of the gaming industry, KATVR is an excellent choice for creating a VR attraction. Can I buy a platform for home use? Yes, but we believe that there are many more suitable and cheaper alternatives.

Perhaps tomorrow everything will change, and such a treadmill will become available to everyone. In order not to miss this moment, subscribe to new articles and share them with friends on social networks.

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