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How to choose good virtual reality glasses for your smartphone: a step-by-step guide + rating of the best models

Hello dear readers. Virtual reality glasses for smartphones can be purchased at any salon that sells mobile devices. The choice is wide, as is the price range, and buying even the most expensive glasses is unlikely to be a budget-breaking expense.

On the Internet, you can easily find instructions on how to make simple VR glasses using cardboard, magnifying lenses and paper glue. The basic design is very simple and remains unchanged for any model. It doesn’t matter if you’re building your first VR glasses yourself, or if you’re buying the rather expensive Samsung Gear, the general principles remain the same.

What are VR goggles for?

VR glasses are necessary in order to create virtual reality, that is, an artificial world or environment, interaction with which occurs through the human senses (vision, hearing). Glasses allow you to create a three-dimensional 3D picture from a flat image.

For mobile phones, there are inexpensive models, which are a small cardboard or plastic case with two lenses separated by a partition and a compartment for installing a smartphone. And if you already have a smartphone with Android or iOS system, all you have to do is purchase VR glasses to get acquainted with virtual reality.

What is virtual reality

Virtual reality is a world artificially created by a computer program, transmitted to the user through sight, hearing, touch. The difference from a regular computer game is that virtual reality is three-dimensional, and the user becomes part of it.

The image that a person in VR glasses sees changes depending on the rotation and tilt of his head. It is believed that over time, VR devices will reach a level of development at which it will be difficult to distinguish virtual reality from the real one. So far, even the most advanced and expensive gadgets are not able to erase this border.

How VR works

VR glasses are based on the stereo effect. The picture is split into two separate images for the right and left eyes (which is why the eyepieces are separated by a partition). The right eye should not see what the left eye sees, and vice versa. The human brain combines both images into a single image, which acquires volume as a result of the work of the nervous system. Since the goggles are at eye level, the immersive effect is enhanced. Even inexpensive VR helmets for smartphones successfully create a 3D effect.

Is it worth buying

Inexpensive VR glasses should be purchased at the very least to get your own virtual reality experience. It’s hard to judge what you haven’t seen based on other people’s reviews. However, it is quite possible that such a purchase will be a waste of money. First, you should carefully choose glasses for your phone, if possible personally testing them in the store. Secondly, the cheapest models often disappoint with workmanship. Thirdly, the 3D experience may not be what you imagine.

Pros and cons of VR

We list the advantages and disadvantages of glasses for smartphones:


  • Opportunity to be in the world of VR
  • Inexpensive price
  • Easy to use (even instructions may not be included)
  • Gamepad support
  • Compatible with popular smartphone models
  • Graphics level
  • The likelihood of experiencing discomfort (nausea, dizziness)
  • Smartphone battery drain quickly
  • There is no pronounced effect of immersion in the VR world
  • Lots of low quality glasses

How to connect and set up glasses

Connecting a VR headset can hardly be called a complicated process. In fact, all you need to do is insert your smartphone into the compartment in the glasses, after disabling the automatic shutdown and screen lock function.

Additional configuration is usually not performed. Some manufacturers (but not all) offer to install their own customization apps. The setup program can be found either on the official website of the manufacturer or in the application store.

In advanced models, there may be a regulator to change the distance between the lenses and the monitor or between the lenses and the eyes. This adjustment will be useful for people with myopia.

Where to get VR apps

Applications, games, videos for virtual reality devices are marked with the VR logo and are available in the Google and iOS stores. There is even a special VR section in the Google Playmarket, which contains relevant content.


Whether it is worth buying VR glasses for a smartphone or is it better to immediately buy a helmet for a computer (for example, Oculus Rift cv1 or HTC Vive) depends largely on financial capabilities. We would recommend that you first try VR on a smartphone, and only then move on to more serious devices.

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