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Half Life Alyx Review. System requirements, gameplay video

Half Life Alyx released March 23

Valve has released a new part of the game in the Half-Life universe. She was codenamed Alex. The events of the video game take place between the main numbered parts of the Half-Life saga and Half-Life 2.

This is the first new Half-Life game in 12 years.

Alix will allow you to plunge into the Half-Life universe in a completely new format: with the help of virtual reality glasses. For the first time in the history of the franchise, gamers will not try on the role of a scientist and theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman, but will play for his partner Alyx Vance. The girl is the daughter of Eli Vance, the main commander of the Resistance and opposed to the Alliance. According to the plot, Eli and Alyx must organize the same earlier Resistance.

It turned out that, in addition to the mandatory presence of a VR helmet (since the project is declared exclusive for these devices), a computer in a powerful configuration is required. Will the new project be able to heal the wound in the soul of the fans left behind by the old games that have become classics? The material of the article was written before the release of Half-Life: Alyx and is currently not relevant. New text is in the works and will come later, when there are details from the first players.

While a full review of the game is being prepared and materials are being collected, you can read the reasoning why the future of games is in virtual reality and it is good or bad that Half-Life was released only in VR.

You may not read further. At the end of the article there are a couple of videos with reviews from bloggers.

Latest news about the game

Half Life: Alyx pre-order has appeared on the official page in the Steam store . For a long time, the project has remained the same price – 976 rubles with a discount, without – 1085 rubles. Those who managed to purchase Valve points before the end of 2019 will receive additional content:

  • A weapon skin pack to spruce up Alyx’s arsenal.
  • Exclusive content from the game for other Valve projects: CS:GO shooter and Dota 2 mobs.
  • Exploring the virtual world of HL: Alyx in the SteamVR home world.

It is also reported that owners of the Valve Index model will not have to buy the game – users will find it in their library for free when it comes out (no keys need to be entered). It does not matter the date of purchase – whether you bought a helmet last year or just going, it also does not matter whether you have a complete set of glasses.

The question about multiplayer and the ability to play without a virtual reality helmet remained unanswered

What to expect?

As mentioned above, the user of the VR helmet will take on the role of a member of the Resistance and the last hope of humanity rolled into one – Alyx Vance. The Alliance took over the planet after the events in Black Mesa, and the remnants of the population were expelled to the cities.

Among the inhabitants of City-17, there are still scientists of the former powerful corporation, including Dr. Eli Vance, the father of the main character. Alyx and Eli spawn the Resistance by actively participating in illegal underground activities and learning daily the enemy’s weaknesses. Scientists create tools and weapons for those who dare to fight the Alliance.

Should we expect something grandiose from Alix? Definitely worth it. If only because of how much effort Valve has put into this: the project’s budget is several times higher than several already existing virtual reality games combined.

The company carefully worked out all the details (up to the exact calculation of how and in which direction the door opens) in order to demonstrate all the advantages of VR. And the famous City-17 will be worked out and as realistic as possible. And everything, in principle, is in the spirit of everyone’s favorite HL in the new format.

Everyone was waiting for Half Life 3 and will get Half Life VR

However, from what is already known, one thing is clear: this is not so hotly anticipated Half Life 3. That is why there were gamers who are sure that the release of “Alyx” is doomed to failure. Not everyone has VR glasses along with a powerful computer, it’s quite expensive. From this follows the second reason for the failure: VR has not managed to capture the market to the end – only 1% of all Steam users have such a headset. Valve obviously wants to play on fans’ nostalgia and sell as many Valve Index Points as possible .

And most importantly – for whom is Alyx produced? 16 years have passed since the release of Half-Life 2, and those who fell in love with the series have already forgotten the events of the game and are not interested in the franchise, since a lot of other interesting projects have come out during this time.
As a result, opinions about the new part of Half Life were divided. In general, expectations from the project are more positive, and testers and journalists note that Alyx is so interesting that players can “hang” in a video game for a long time (a standard game session can last more than 2 hours).

It will take at least 15 hours to complete the entire story

The voice acting of the heroes will change in the game

An important fact that did not go unnoticed is that some of the characters familiar to gamers from previous parts were voiced by other actors. For example, the main character will be voiced by Ozioma Akaga, and not the usual voice of Merle Dandridge.

New mechanics

Judging by the trailer, the girl Alyx will use gravity gloves. The gravity gun appears only in the second part of the saga, which maintains authenticity. It is likely that new mechanics will appear for gloves (in the trailer, you can see how there are health indicators in the form of three hearts on the left hand).

The game will have a level editor

When the announcement of Half Life: Alyx took place, it became clear that the new title supports the Steam Workshop. This means that gamers will be able to create game levels and share developments with the community. For this, the Hammer level editor has been updated, where new tools for working with virtual reality have been added.

Minimum system requirements

The upcoming game will work in conjunction with the following VR headsets:

  • Valve Index
  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Windows Mixed Reality

So far, only the minimum PC requirements are known:
Operating system: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-7500 / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 580 6 GB
RAM: 12 GB.
It is not known how much the future shooter will weigh.

The recommended system requirements for Half Life: Alyx will come later when the game is ready for release.

We waited, we all play, there is no time to write a review.

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