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Gabe Newell on Brain Computer Interface Research

Game portal IGN took a short half-hour interview with Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve , visiting the main headquarters of the company. The American programmer shared data about Index, the failures of the company and the technologies that his employees are working on. Newell reported that “we are closer to the matrix than most people think.” We understand what such a bold statement means.

Not to be confused with the Keanu Reeves movie series of the same name. Moreover, Gabe noted that the “Matrix” missed many details and how strange the outside world would look along with brain-computer interfaces. Recall that NCI is a mechanism designed for the systematic exchange of data between the human brain and an electronic gadget (in a particular case, a VR helmet).

The founder of Valve is confident that the “post-brain computer interface” is something that will become much more transparent and clearer with the development of progress. What once seemed impossible is now becoming part of the modern world. Newell gives an example: “I used to think that sending signals to the motor cortex of the brain (in other words, getting a person to make a voluntary movement) is much more difficult than making a person feel cold. In fact, everything turned out to be the opposite – reading the bark and copying, that’s what is really difficult. I wouldn’t have known it if I hadn’t taken an interest in it.

We’re also going to see how the development of brain-machine interfaces progresses,” Newell emphasizes, “and how they play their role in future projects.” The programmer also noted that an in-depth study of these things helps him develop his entertainment business.

As for the failure of the company, we are talking about Artifact , which turned out to be a failure. Released in 2018, a lot of negativity poured into the game, and all because this is not what fans were waiting for – a new part of HL . Gradually Artifact lost not only online, but also developers. No updates have been released in the past year. But even in this, the CEO is trying to learn a useful lesson. “ Valve did everything they could. Still, wondering why the project failed is far better than wondering how Artifact has affected the video game industry as a whole. The first will allow us to make the right decision, and the second will simply waste our time.”

What will happen to Valve in 10 years? Almost all of the company’s forces have been thrown into the new Index , therefore, Newell has high hopes for the helmet. Gabe hopes that the new product will be a good step for the development of the company as a team.

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