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Choosing a virtual reality suit: what models already exist and what they can do

Virtual Reality technologies no longer surprise anyone, because people are used to the fact that you can immerse yourself in another space. However, do you know which of the feelings that help a person fully understand reality is not transmitted through glasses and a controller? Read more about this and much more – below!

Introduction to the topic

One of the most popular trends of this year is the virtual reality suit. It originates in 1994 with the Aura Interactor, which allowed only the audio atmosphere to be transmitted. More innovative models that already tracked movements and simulated sensations began to appear after 2012. These include ARAIG, Teslasuit, HAPTIKA. All of them are arranged differently, but can be used in the same way to create a new gaming environment.

What it is?

The invention is a costume that abstracts a person from the outside world. It can be made in the form of a vest, bracer or overalls. Its principle of operation is based on an electrotactile feedback system that allows the player to fully feel their presence in VR.

Principle of operation and internal structure

Before diving into explanations about the mechanism of the product, it is worth mentioning a little about people’s feelings. Goggles and helmets allow the wearer to see and hear using simulated hearing and vision. But in order to provide organic immersion, touch is also needed.

Feel everything that happens to the body in the game – the blows of opponents, a light breeze, a collision with a wall or an arrow hit. This is the main purpose of universal clothing.

Using several dozen haptic channels for transmitting an electrical impulse built into the device, the system affects the nerve endings of certain parts of the player’s body. ARAIG uses 16 sensors front and rear, and 8 on each side.

In Teslasuit, the system is more advanced, it covers 22 large areas on the body, not limited to points. This creates an imitation of touch. Tactile sensations are specifically limited by the computer to avoid damage.

The Motion Capture system is also involved here, which allows you to capture the user’s movements and project them into the game. The Teslasuit uses 11 capture devices.

Production technology

Each company uses its own development methods, so the appearance and equipment of models may vary. Sensors functioning at the tactile level remain unchanged. They can be integrated into a full diving suit or into a vest with a few extras.

Haptic feedback in all models is caused by the impact on the nerve endings. The more such sensors are installed, the more areas of the body the system will be able to cover.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Feeling of complete immersion;
  • Innovative play space for players;
  • A new level of interaction with virtual reality;
  • Breakthrough in the field of IT.


  • Restriction and health risks in the form of excessive stress on the nerve endings;
  • High production costs lead to a high cost of the product, which negatively affects its sale and expediency.

approximate price

The question of price here is quite acute. Developers use a lot of expensive sensors, so the cost of the product rises so that the release pays off.

However, not everything is so bad. For example, simple models that work on the principle of Kinect, that is, acting as a contactless controller, can be purchased in the range from 35 to 40 thousand rubles. A glove that recognizes movements in virtual space can be bought for 40,000 rubles. The cost of gadgets made of electronic fabric, as well as those with a large set of functions, starts from 100 thousand rubles.

Which companies make VR suits

Such exoskeletons are still at the design stage, so not every company creates them:

  • TeslaSuit;
  • YEI Technology;
  • Holosuit;
  • Hardlight VR.


Such achievements surprise and amaze. Just think what a person feels, hears and sees hand movements in the digital world. This outfit is worth trying on for anyone interested in virtual reality.

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