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All About VR Box Joystick: How to Connect and Set Up + Top 5 Gamepad Games

Good day, in this article you will find information about the vr box joystick, how to set it up, why you need it and the games you can play with it. Enjoy reading!

What is a joystick and why is it needed?

Joystick is a bluetooth gamepad for controlling iOS and Android devices connected via Bluetooth wireless technology. It is a portable remote control with buttons and a movable stick, with which you need to connect to a TV, computer or mobile gadget.


The advantage of this remote control is that its operation greatly simplifies the use of vr glasses and eliminates unnecessary wires. The mouse function allows you to use the cursor in applications if required.

Also, the use of a gamepad allows the user to dive deeper into the virtual space, where you can no longer control the buttons on the glasses, but with your hands.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of the controller is based on connecting the joystick to the gadget using bluetooth. The range of the game controller reaches up to 10 meters, which gives a large space for playing games in vr glasses. A movable stick allows you to control the mouse cursor on your device.

Where can I buy and approximate price

The controller and other vr equipment can be purchased in specialized stores, where a consultant will help you decide on the choice of the necessary gadget.

The approximate price of a gamepad ranges from 300 to 500 rubles, depending on the additional functions of the remote, which makes it an inexpensive pleasure.

How to connect and what to play

Connecting a game controller is very simple, regardless of whether you are going to connect to an android or an iPhone. You need to turn on bluetooth on the device to which you want to connect and activate the visibility mode for other devices. After that, you need to press the power button on the controller and wait until the LED starts flashing slowly.

Then, in the available connections, the name of the gamepad will appear on the screen, after connecting, the mouse cursor will appear on the display, this indicates that the device was connected correctly.

The next step is to configure the controller. This makes it very simple, just switch the relay in the right direction. How to use, how to connect the remote control, is described in detail in the instructions that came with the controller upon purchase. You can also find a YouTube video on how to set up your device.

Fortunately, at the moment there are a great many games for virtual reality. According to user surveys, we have compiled the top 5 games for vr with a joystick.

  • Luckis Tale is a fun platform game that many people got their start in virtual reality with. Excellent optimized arcade game, which is easy to understand.
  • War Thunder is an arcade flying game in the action genre. The toy will take you from home to the cockpit of a combat aircraft. Wearing a helmet will give you a complete sense of immersion in the thick of the battle.
  • Skyrim – the long-awaited release of TES 5 for vr happened in 2018. The game has gamepad support. According to the scenario, you are a dragonborn, and you must stop the main antagonist – Alduin. An excellent game will amaze you with its storyline and thoughtful combat system
  • VRchat – here you will be taken to a special space where you can chat and interact with other players.
  • Narcosis is a great quest, in which you will explore the underwater space.

What to do if the joystick does not work

If you find that your controller is not working, do not sound the alarm. First, check if bluetooth works on your gadget. After that, you need to check if the discovery mode is enabled on your device. If everything is in order, then it is worth checking the batteries in the remote control.

In the case of fully charged batteries and no problems with bluetooth, you should contact the technical support of the manufacturer of this gadget.


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