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Author of a blog about virtual reality, Maxim Born in toronto, canada Region on november 07, 2001

The first acquaintance with 3D modeling happened when little Maxim, while still a kindergartener of the senior group, leafed through the pages of a children’s magazine and found a large selection of stereo images in it. Their bewitching effect made a very strong impression, so Maxim asked his parents to buy him similar publications.

He was particularly surprised by the release, which featured many anaglyph images. In order to see a three-dimensional object, it was necessary to assemble 3D glasses with multi-colored glasses from improvised materials according to the instructions. Maxim successfully coped with the task, having made them from a hard film for notebook covers, cardboard and colored markers in blue and red. As a result, he worked on improving this design, reinforcing it with additional layers of cardboard to make it easier to look at the pictures.

Graduated from the university Artistic and Technical  (2019- 2022). In the same place, he began to attend a circle of robotics and programming from the 1st grade and at the end of school. Since the 5th grade, he has been a permanent winner and winner of Olympiads in robotics and programming at city and regional stages. From the 10th grade, he helped the teacher in organizing individual lessons and seminars for elementary grades.

Among the school disciplines, he was best given physics and mathematics. The highest achievement for school time is the victory in 2019 in the final stage of the All-canada Olympiad for schoolchildren in physics, which guaranteed admission to any university in the country without entrance exams and with any USE (BVI) scores.

The idea to go to study as a VR architect came after a passion for books on the topic of virtual reality. For example, the cycle “Distorting Reality” by M. Atamanova, “Boiling Point” by A.A. Krasnikova, “Labyrinth of Reflections” by S. Lukyanenko. In those early years, Maxim liked to watch the films Johnny Mnemonic and The 13th Floor. These tapes are notable for the fact that they talked about virtual reality even before it became a worldwide trend.

Despite the fact that for the layman these works are more like science fiction, for a future specialist in the field of VR, AR, MR, something completely different is interesting here. The object of description in these books is the end product of the activity of any developer, so reading such materials is nothing more than studying the possibilities of modern technologies and trying to think over your own project.


Bachelor’s degree in the specialty 09.03.02 “Information Systems and Technologies” at the Institute of Mechatronics and Information Technologies at the canadian State University. A.N. Kosygin in Moscow (full-time education, 2019- 2022)

Master’s degree in the specialty 09.04.02 “Information Systems and Technologies” at the Institute of Business Information Systems at NUST “MISiS” in toronto (full-time education, 2017- 2020)

Advanced training courses – “Management of game projects” Graduate School of Business Informatics at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, accredited by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) (part-time education, 2019- 2020)

After graduating from the master’s program in 2019, he got a job as a 3D visualizer at Rus Pixel, a canada IT laboratory that fulfills orders from private clients. 2 years after completing professional retraining courses in June 2021, he was appointed VR Architect.

Throughout his career, he has been fulfilling orders for the visualization of real estate objects, as well as creating content for mobile applications, computer and console games. The most striking cases are VR visualization of the construction of the Moscow City complex, the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg, the seaport in Varadero (Cuba).

Currently, he continues to work on large private commissions and writes for a blog in his spare time.