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34 best VR games for PC, Android and iOS

Well hello, lover of the world of virtual games! If you are with us, then you, like us, are interested in a variety of games for virtual reality glasses.

In this article, we will talk about a selection of applications developed for this device. Do you like puzzles and strategy? Great, here you will find a lot of useful and interesting information for yourself. Any owner of a smartphone on android or ios platforms will find a game that will captivate him into his world.

If you are not yet familiar with these games, let me be your guide in this area. So, VR technology provides the ability to use computer effects so that any user finds himself in an environment that is directly simulated in the game.

Virtual reality allows you not only to look at the monitor of your computer or phone, but to completely immerse yourself in a simulated situation and interact with its characters.

In order to take advantage of all the features, you will need a helmet or glasses, such as the popular Oculus rift, a backpack from the MSI developer, joysticks (gamepads) and information gloves for tactile sensations.

Nowadays, there are a huge number of such devices, but with the help of them you can see full-size images in three dimensions.

Currently, augmented reality technology is used not only for games, but also in medicine, architecture, science and education. But let’s get back to the games!

Top VR games for iPhone, Android and PC by genre

Here we will tell you in more detail about the games that may interest you in the context of genres. These applications are available both for installation on a personal computer and phones on popular platforms – on Androids and iPhones. So let’s go!

Best arcade games

The most popular programs in this genre include:

  • Ghost Town Mine Ride Shooting Gallery. This is an action game with elements of horror. Supported on multiple types of devices (PC and vr). The action takes place in an amusement park, where there are skeletons, rats and other evil spirits.
  • Raw Data. Here you can shoot and enjoy the graphics. It also supports PC and VR.
The best arkanoid

Good applications in the Arkanoid genre are:

  • Proton Pulse Google Cardboard. It has high quality graphics. It involves an energy platform, from which the balls bounce and break the blocks.
  • ARkanoid VR. Here it is desirable to play with a joystick, with its help you can launch balls. Great free game.
The best rides

In this category, it is worth mentioning these games:

  • Roller Coaster VR. Using a virtual reality helmet, you can immerse yourself in emotions by riding an attraction on an abandoned island.
  • VR Swing. Put on your goggles and plunge into the world of 3D swings around the city at night.
The best puzzles

For puzzle lovers, there are such applications:

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. It can be attributed to other genres, but you will appreciate it in this area. Suitable for vr box, pc, playstation 4.
  • “Awaken”. It contains puzzles, a beautiful picture of virtual reality and a pleasant sound track.
The best games for kids

It is worth remembering here:

  • Ropes And Dragons: VR. The magical world and colorful images will open up for your child. It will be necessary to feed with the help of the dragon’s magical abilities.
  • Lucky’s Tale. Go on a journey with Lucky the fox, and overcoming obstacles, save his little sister.
The best educational games

If you want to learn something, then you are here:

  • Mindshow. With this program you can become the director of your own animated video.
  • Happy Penguin VR. Plunge into the world of sports battles with brave penguins. There are also all-rounders and swimmers.
Best Adventure

Fans of this genre will like these:

  • Karnage Chronicles. We go on a journey around the free world, while fighting monsters.
  • “Resident Evil VII”. A large number of players know about this plot. But only in virtual reality it is transformed.
The best runners

For those who want to run, these options are offered:

  • Tunnel Twister VR. The set comes with excellent musical accompaniment.
  • Temple Run VR. Great 3D toy. Become a hero who has stolen an unusual relic and is now trying to escape from the monkey chase.
Best RPGs

In this genre, such good options are presented:

  • Overkill’s The Walking Dead. An online game about a post-apocalyptic universe.
  • “The Ancient Remains”. Immerse yourself in adventures in the sand country – Egypt. Haven’t been to this country? You have the opportunity to visit here virtually.
The best simulators

Here are the options:

  • Subnautica. Thanks to this application, you have the opportunity to visit an alien planet.
  • Narcosis. Dive into the underwater world of the Pacific Ocean.
Best sports games

For athletes, these programs are presented:

  • NBA 2KVR Experience. A selection of basketball small games.
  • Nothin But Net. The best basketball simulator.
Best Strategies

Popular games in this genre are:

  • SteamHammerVR. With the remote control, you can aim and track the trajectory of the strike.
  • ToledoVR. It will take you back to London, to the end of the 19th century. Only you can save the city from the invasion of monsters.
Top Shooting Ranges

Here we highlight:

  •  “Skeet: VR Target Shooting”. You get 3 types of weapons to choose from. You are given the opportunity to shoot at plates, or moving targets.
  • The Lost Future: VR. In it, you will shoot zombies that are hunting for humanity.
The best horror

Fans of this genre can tickle their nerves with the help of these games:

  • Arizona Sunshine. When you move, your hero moves too.
  • Killing Floor Incursion. Here you can also shoot creepy zombies, but in a team.

The best shooters
In this category, the most popular are:

High Noon VR. Feel like a sheriff in the Wild West.
Bullet Sorrow VR. Uncover the secret of secret experiments and dive into the future in the game.

Best excursions

With these programs you can discover new horizons without a remote control:

  •  Jurassic VR 2 – Dinosaur Game. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?
  • Google earth. If you want to visit the most interesting parts of the world, then you are here.
Best action games

The most popular applications are:

  • Dota 2. All gamers know about this toy. Play and win.
  • Robot City Stadium. Fight with other players in a colorful arena using discus throwing.

I hope this information was useful for you, and you discovered a lot of new things in the world of virtual games. Subscribe to our articles, because there is a lot of interesting things ahead of you! We will be glad if you share this article with your friends.

See you soon!

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