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15 best augmented reality (AR) games for Android and iOS :

Hello to all gamers! Augmented reality games for Android and iOS for iPhone continue to gain popularity among gamers around the world. Virtual pets no longer look as fantastic as famous authors used to write about them, replicating their priceless works in the printing industry. Thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology, the player will have to fight against alien invaders, protect the royal lands and enjoy other adventures.

And this whole wonderful world is available on smartphones. You can download your favorite toy for free directly from Google Play with Android support. For your iPhone, you can download game content from the App Store.

A selection of top AR games for Android by genre

The best shooters

Shooting is the most popular game genre. Fans of first-person shooters will now fight with rivals in reality, and not just at a computer monitor. Fight against enemies, defend your territory, enjoy vivid impressions!

Real Strike

This is a real shooting game in a real setting where a simple street will become a military base. The player is offered:

  • 25 different types of weapons in 6 different categories.
  • Moving and static targets.
  • High-precision, smooth shooting with increased sensitivity in different modes, animated special effects when the weapon is reloading.
  • High-quality sound effects during the shot, and the trajectory of the bullet is as realistic as possible.
  • Support for night, infrared modes, a flashlight (if the phone has a flash) to cleanse your yard from mutants.
  • Battle recording available.

Fantastic shooter with multiplayer mode will take you to 2040. You have to choose a team of people or organisms that have undergone evolution. The world map is divided into hexagonal zones controlled by teams.

Human civilization has created artificial intelligence that protects the Earth from wars. But a digital virus has infected this artificial intelligence, which is now destroying humanity.

Recording of the gameplay on video hosting, in a social network in real time is available. The game is free, it is offered to pay for a device that determines opponents.

Clandestine: Anomaly

Aliens want to take over the Earth, which you will have to protect. But how? Your phone will serve as a powerful weapon for this mission.

You will need to develop a plan to protect your area. This is a geolocation shooter so fight the aliens in the parks on your way home. When planning offensive and defensive actions, you interact with the real world. A fascinating storyline, excellent graphic special effects will leave an unforgettable impression on the gamer.

Best quests

Passing quests in games is exciting, especially if these are quests with AR. You have to explore different places, travel, find belongings, explore the world.


The game will offer you to hunt for treasures in reality, motivating you to look for new places on our planet. She has found her fans all over the world, it is very easy to play it.

The player receives instructions on where and how to find caches, which are on the hills or in buildings, other places. An interactive map will show you every cache in your area, and registration of your buddies’ finds is also available. Movement in the game is available thanks to the compass and other navigation applications, the player is easily able to create additional points on his way.


In this exciting quest you have to solve interesting tasks. The player will move around his city, interact with different 3d objects. To move to the next level, you need to solve problems in different parts of your city.

The best board and card games

To play, the gamer will need a table and a smartphone, single and multiplayer modes are supported.

HoloGrid: Monster Battle

This is chess in the form of a hologram, similar to a card game. The cards here correspond to certain monsters, whose actions are performed step by step. Thanks to photogrammetric technology, 3d effects look realistic.

Chess + AR

Simple chess + augmented reality.

Apocalypse Hunters

Travel to different places capturing monsters. They are essential for one-on-one card fights. The player who has no cards left will lose.

Kings of Pool

To play billiards, you need a flat surface, the billiard table can be adjusted, so you can play under any conditions.

The best horror

Do you love thrills? Then get ready for an adrenaline rush: the monsters are just around the corner!

Night Terrors

Your house and yard will look like horror movies. Evil spirits and ghosts hid behind every turn. Will you be able to sleep after such adventures? I doubt!

For maximum realism in the development of monsters, models, costumes, dolls were used. The eerie atmosphere is complemented by graphic and sound special effects. During the gameplay, a map is drawn up, so events will be selected for the appropriate environment.

Zombie GO

Apocalypse and zombies are here! Go near shops, houses, schools and save yourself from zombies chasing you everywhere. You are offered a varied arsenal of weapons to save your life.

Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival

Here you need to hunt ghosts. The phone camera is great at finding them around every corner, and you need strong nerves.

Best RPGs

The goal of any game of the RPG genre is to complete the storyline, level up the character – increase dexterity, magic, strength, intelligence or other skills.

Peronio Pop-up Book

The game is implemented on the basis of AR, VR technologies. The little boy can’t decide what he should be when he grows up. There are many adventures ahead with interesting tasks and mini-games. At the end of the adventure, the protagonist decides to take care of dragon dentistry when he becomes a dentist.

Underverse: AR Wars & 3D Duel

This is a multiplayer RPG with GPS navigation support. For a battlefield, a simple table, a book cover, a sports ground will do. Fight, find various magic artifacts, craft items and collect resources to create invincible armor, elixir, weapons, get gold and experience.


  • automatic battles;
  • PVP battles;
  • faction wars.
  • The plot, dialogues, tasks are very exciting.

There are 6 male and female races in the game.

Strength, dexterity, intelligence, vitality affect the development of the character.

Best Strategies

In this game genre, in order to achieve the goal and win, you need to think strategically. To do this, the gamer calculates all his actions, chooses the best tactics.

Knightfall™ AR

You are a Knight Templar. Having moved to the Middle Ages, protect the city from enemies who want to capture the Holy Grail – one of the most valuable Christian relics. It will take the right tactics to destroy the invaders making their way through the city walls.

Army Men Strike

In this strategy, the player will have to control the plastic troops. They are similar to those that every boy had in childhood. To deal with enemies, you will need to accumulate resources.

Chat with players from all over the world. Enjoy high-quality 3D graphics of military equipment and soldiers, fight for total domination!

Best arcade games

Arcade games have simple gameplay. It does not last long, but it is intense and exciting.

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